Heartsick all day for a spineless man?

I gave my 1st love to guy who wouldn't wait to gooutside the bar while I showed my id, a man who was never concerned if I got home safe. In the beginning he was always willing to stay a little later w/me, several months in he didn't mind ditching me to go to the bar by himself. As soon as I brought up my discontent, he said things to me that lovers should never say to each other (I put w/feeling like no priority for months). I feel completely cheated and I'm jealous of that next girl that gets to experience the bliss of being w/him for those couple of months. I treated him like a king and he treated me almost like a servant. I left because I was sick of feeling hurt and unloved. I know I will meet a man who will walk to the ends of the earth for me and I want to look back at this relationship as one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. I was heartsick all day because of him. I haven't seen him since the breakup and he tried to make sweet promises, which I turned down. I haven't had any contact, except trying to get my stuff, his attempts to contact me were feeble and laughable (I didn't even respond). I feel so stupid.


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What Guys Said 1

  • How long where you guys together? Those guys are not worth it cuz they don't know what they have...

    • Almost a year.

    • You know that os stil not a long time, obviously it has been one of your longest relationships that they have made u feel wanted. but see how easy it is for a guy to just drop feelings, that is the reason he is all up on your ass now because he knows he fucked up!!! now your in control of this situation!!!

What Girls Said 1

  • You aren't stupid, you fell in love with the wrong guy. Don't beat yourself up over it, it's an incredibly hurtful experience and you need to be kind to yourself right now


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