Why doesn't my ex want to be honest about him cheating?

So basically we ended on "bad terms", but decided to remain cordial since I still had my things in his home for storage and he wanted to be apart of our dogs life. Since before I decided to move out of our apartment, he was friendly with a female friend of his whom he claimed to know prior to us even dating. When our relationship was at our best, he wasn't in contact with her. The moment we were at bad times, he decided to get closer to her. He was on the phone with her everyday and would say he's going out of town for a business trip when he was really going to see her. In the end, he says that our communication was bad and he wasn't happy anymore so he decided to move in with a friend. I was hurt. He told me it was a bad idea to live at the house and basically kicked me out so that he can go back. Afterwards, they're online posing and announced that he gave Her a "promise ring". He refuses to this day to accept that he did indeed cheat on me and left me for her. He always says it was my fault and that I didn't act like I loved him anymore and she was his best friend. He never left me for her etc. why is he beating around the bush?


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  • Because he feels guilty for cheating on you.

    But you know... Why do you care? Let him live his lie and move on with your life.


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  • Cheating is the worst that someone could do to their partner, and it often leaves scars hard to remove... He will never admit that he left you for someone else, because it would make him feel guilty. He probably rationalized everything to convince himself (and you, and his female "friend") that what he did was right and a consequence of you two being "incompatible," "unhappy," and who knows what. Lame. Immature. Selfish. Liar. Unfortunately, it happens often... my ex did something very similar and he, too, would never admit it (although it was so obvious that he left for someone else!).
    Relationships that start with a lie do not last... what goes around comes around. Be super happy that someone like this is out of your life. Who cares what he says... You know the truth, and that's more than enough to erase him from your life. Go no contact! Do not waste your precious time on him, someone better will come. ❤️


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  • It's Simple, sweetie: GUILT RIDDEN.
    He is using You as his own sick scapegoat to cover up his Own... GUILT.
    Good luck and best wishes for a better mate. xx

  • Guys do that.

    Don't waste your time thinking about "why" "how" "when". Move on with your life and find a new hotter/better boyfriend. :)


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