Why do you think my ex won't help me move on?

I told him I lack self control and can't stop getting on his facebook and email and still know how his passwords. I said it would help me move on if he changed his passwords. He said he has no need to change them and I can go through his stuff all I want. I asked him if he wants me to accept that he doesn't love me anymore and is with someone else... he refuses to respond. I don't know if it's because he thinks that ignoring me will get me to leave him alone and he doesn't want to change his passwords because it's more convienent for him or if he doesn't want me to move on and is playing games. What would you do if you were completely over your ex? Would you change your password and block them or would you just ignore them and not care that they keep getting on your accounts?


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  • Because even if he didn't want you, he's selfish and doesn't want you to be happy without him, its really torturing. Honestly, Its really your problem I don't mean to be rude but its not up to him since you no longer are together to help you gain self control and not log onto his account thats really all on you. Just delete Facebook period.


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