Guys, is he not that into me or is he trying to make me jealous?

So me and this guy broke up about a year ago and I had moved on and so did he, we dated other people for a while and me and him stayed as friends... we are both single now and... we have this type of friendship where I send pictures to him in underwear (he is the only guy I have ever done that for...) he is usually the one that asks for them... but right after, he tweets a girl (who I didn't use to like before when we were dating, now I don't mind her at all) who he always post conversations with right after he talks to me and especially right after I send him pics... but he doesn't post any of that stuff while we don't talk... his post usually says stuff like... the best person I met when I moved to this city was (her) I love her she's the best and most beautiful girl etc etc... he met her a few weeks before he met me... I'm trying to understand if it means anything like he doesn't care about me? He is using me? Trying to make me jealous? Should I stop with the pictures? Or it has no meaning at all and I'm just giving importance to something I shouldn't? I still care about him as you can tell... I wouldn't mind being with him again... but than again... I am also thinking of completely moving on if the feeling ain't the same. I don't know... it's somewhat confusing... *sorry if I have bad English, It's my second language and I'm still learning


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  • he's into you.


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