Everytime after I speak with my ex, he goes on a mad liking spree of other girls pictures?

Literally everytime. We've agreed on a friendship (or to be 'friendly' anyway). I guess I just don't get why he goes like crazy on other girls after we communicate.

It happens more often if we've been arguing or something. Or if there's been a memory brought up. He has told me he's not interested in sex with anyone, he's not been with anyone since me and all the rest.

As far as I'm aware, he seems not to care for me romantically anymore, so I guess I just find this a little odd. His behaviour doesn't add up to me?


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  • How do you know he is going crazy on other girls (physically stalking or just online)?

    He is trying to distract himself, get his mind of thinking about you (in a good or bad way). Once you've been around someone for a while (GF/BF/ family/ old friends) they know how to push your buttons and vise versa.

    I think when He talks to you, he might be missing the "happy times, you had" and tries to find a replacement.

    • My friend told me. I don't have him on Facebook or Instagram (although, he made his Facebook profile public? And not gonna lie... I've peaked on there a few times. My friend says he goes on liking sprees particularly on instagram. I asked her to check after last time we ended up having a little bit of an argument and she says that's when he started liking the pictures again.

      He sure does know how to push my buttons... he just pretends he doesn't.

      Sure he's missing the happy times even when we're arguing for most of it? I more often than not feel as if I must have meant nothing, if I'm honest :/

    • Also, thanks for your insight :) :)

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  • Why are you caring who he is liking? He's your ex. Even if you guy are friends, this is not something that affects you in any way.

    • I guess so, yeah. I think I'm just... annoyed at myself I suppose.

    • It's hard for most people to just be friends with their ex because even if you're not "in love" with them anymore, you still care a lot about them as a person. Especially if the break up was recent as opposed to years ago.

    • Yeah, good point. Maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead with the friendship thing to be honest.

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  • Why are you bothering to try to be friends with your ex. It almost never works and it doesn't seem to be working for you. Glutton for punishment?

    • Good point. I just thought since we were best friends, we could maybe have that again. It's not working though, that's the thing.

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    • Not every relationship can work, especially if all the effort comes from one side. I also believe in working in relationships but if the effort and desire is all one-sided, you are doomed. That is the voice of experience talking; been there, done that. If you want to hang in there with the relationship, remember that there is a point where you must look out for yourself and call it quits.

    • Yeah, I'm more than aware of this to be honest, and my question wasn't for advice one what you or anyone makes of the one-sidedness. Everyone's situation is different. ALSO, kinda learnt from my mistake so... yeah. Life's to short to be completely selfish. I can look out for myself and care about him at the same time.

  • I mean he is your ex so how does it bother you as to whom he likes or dislikes?

    • I guess I still care for the guy? I never understand how people can instantly stop caring about a person :S

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