She wanted a break?

She asked for a break, I asked why, she said she didn't really know herself, but it was something she had to do. I, unable to comprehend the situation, couldn't manage many words (I was pretty taken aback, our relationship was seemingly perfect).

I thought this meant she was just getting me mentally prepared for a break-up (for all I know she was and still is), so I just told her "Fuck it, it was a good relationship while it lasted, I'll see you around, I guess." All that with the intent of never speaking to her for the rest of my life.

And it's been that way; we haven't spoken a word to each other since that day (it's only been about a week actually), but I really want her back. I have absolutely no idea how to handle this situation, but I really want to cut this break short and get back together. I keep hoping she'll re-initiate contact, but thus far, nothing.

So what do I do? Or what can I do? I'm pretty apprehensive about trying to get in touch with her, after all, she was the one who wanted the break, albeit without a single legitimate reason.

I really tried to move on, but it's the weekend, and f***ing Valentine's day of all things. I was doing a pretty good job about not being a wreck, but I can't get her out of my f***ing mind.


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  • awww poor thing! I'm kinda in the same situation as you!

    She wanted her time, then GIVE HER her time, its toooo soon for you to try to get her back. Stay away from her as much as you can. If you contact her, she's gonna think you're devasted and I'm sure you are, but you CANT show that to her. Because then, she's gonna think "oh he still wants me back, but I'm not ready for him, so ill just be able to get him back when IM ready since I know he'll be waiting for me.!" Don't make it so easy for her, if it was really meant to be, she's gonnna make the first contact with you! Let her see and give her time to realize how much you meant to her, and how things are different without you being around.

    And I KNOW its easier said than done! But just b strong!

    I can relate to you as well, only difference is we have a kid together, and had been together for almost 5yrs, so you can just imagine how hard its been for me... My exboyfriend said we needed a break, so its been almost 2 months that I've been away from him and its been super hard. I just barely spoke to him 2days ago and I think just now he's barely starting to feel the difference without me around him, I feel like there's a chance we can make it happen, but I still think he needs his "time" away so he can really FEEL it...

    Be strong, be confident...and just go with the flow!

    Good Luck!

  • Well, I am guilty of doing this to my ex fiance.. Things were never great between us but at the time I asked him to leave my apartment for a break, things were okay. He took it really bad. I did need space, but it was also my way of transitioning him out of my life for good. He was a cheater he got what he deserved. Anyway..

    If you can't get her out of your head then just step over your pride and call her.

    It sounds like you need an actual explanation. Get one. If she can't give you one then move on.

    You deserve it. Especially if you didn't do anything blatantly wrong.

    If she is stubborn there is little to no chance she is gonna call first. This really all depends on how important this relationship is.. or the future of it is. Good luck.


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