I'm Moving Into An Apartment With Him?

So I am officially legal now and I won $50 on my 1st scratch card! =)

Anyways, Since I'm graduating in June I want to move out and be on my own. Well I was talking to my best guy friend Kamron*He is also graduating in June* bout it and so we both decided that we are gunna get an apartment together because we wanna live in the same area and we both love the city that we would be moving to...

Has anyone ever had a roommate that was the opposite sex? How did it go? Did you guys get intimate?

Kamron and I have kissed a few times, and had sex before, but I'm wondering if that might be a small problem while living 2gether? We will have our own rooms and he will be working a lot @ the fire department. And I have my own business *Mona Vie, look it up* so I will be busy with that also. And btw, we are both single

We already have gotten two call backs and emails from apartments that we are interested in!

I would really appreciate your opinion and thank you so much for responding =D


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  • yes, if you've banged before you're going to end up doing it again


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