Why my ex starts calling my mom?

My ex and I broke up a year ago. We still kept in contact but it was light for a while. She ended up finding out I was seeing someone and began to text me heavily. Once I was not seeing this girl anymore she didn't text as much but still did. She still called me boo and other pet names. This is all while she's talking to someone new. The texting picked up and we even had dinner a few times. My mom invited her to a cookout and a party and she came to both. When I made a move to see where we stand she told me she didn't know if I was ready ( she's 4 years older than me). So after we talked I left and we kissed. So I began texting her the following week and she began warm then got cold so I backed off. My birthday was a week later she didn't call. However she texted me 3 weeks later saying she hopes my bday was well and she's been texting me and got no respone (bs) I kept it vague and said all is well. She then asked what that meant as if I didn't give her the response she wanted. I told her then it meant I was good and so was my bday. she didn't reply after that. I changed my number so I don't know if she texted after that. 3 weeks later she starts texting my mom. And she been texting her every holiday and to check on her about every three weeks. Even began to tell her she loved her. They've always been pretty cool however she didn't start texting her so much until I backed all the way off. Why all of a sudden. And it's been three months since we had any contact


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  • She contacts your mother to keep indirectly a contact with you... She definitely still has feelings for you... Contacting your. mom seems to just a pretext to keep in touch, as I said, indirectly with you


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