He's seeing someone new, so I blocked him, was it the right thing to do?

Ok me and my ex have been flat out fighting over the past few months. He's seeing someone new and kept asking me for pictures of myself. I declined he'd get angry and we would fight.
so he blocked me on snap chat and whatsapp.
i sent him a message saying how he was making me miserable and that I needed to cut him out of my life. On fb and blocked him.
he unblocked me on whatsapp and said he doesn't want there to be bad blood between us and he does like me.
i said ok but he's not to be asking for pictures or anything.
so everything was sorted last night. And I messaged him asking how was his night and he said grand I'm meeting her now.
it sort of stung, we split up because he wouldn't leave the house for a date, and here he is doing it with no trouble, so I blocked him on snapchat.
Am I being immature?
I just don't want to hurt anymore.


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  • "Grand, I'm meeting her now." Possibly, in stating that his intent was to prove to you he's moving on from the idea of being with you.
    Or, also possibly, it was stated to bring to light the improved changes he feels he's made. As if to say, "look what you are missing out on."

    • When we split up he told me he was already over me, was going to date new girls and I had to date new people. Later he told me he met someone he had loads in common with and I wasn't to ruin it, I said fine. When he found out I was on a date he sent me messages asking to see me naked and I said no. I hung out with my other ex on boxing night and woke up to a text asking if I was back with him. Then last week he was hinting at being friends with benefits when I said no, he told me he would never have sex with me and he's seein someone.
      Then after I told him to get out of my life he told me he likes me but we are both seeing other people I said that's fine we can talk but under no conditions are you to ask to see me naked, so things were fine.
      Then today he told me that so I dunno if he's just an idiot, or doesn't realise that we are on such rocky terms that he could do with being more civil and realise my feelings.
      I know he was with someone and also I'm dating that's why I said no.

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  • I don't think it is immature to cut contact with someone who has a negative affect on you. It's the wisest choice to make. Sometimes , the only way to get over someone and let go of the hurt Is to cut all ties. It's naive to keep them in your life when they repeatedly hurt you. It's the only way to move on ❤😊

    • That's what I thought. I just was checking, I'm not going to sit there congratulating him on going on a date, I'm not going to be there to inflate his ego when he needs it. I accept after you split up it's inevitable that they are going to move on an date other people, but there just was no need to tell me, I know he's dating someone I was the one telling him I wasn't sending naked pictures or being friends with benefits because it wasn't fair on her,
      But I don't want to be sitting here thinking about how nice he's treating her when I got dumped asking to leave the house.

    • I can totally understand that! I honestly believe you did the right thing. 💜😊

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  • You have absolutely NO obligation to keep an ex in your life. This is your life, honey. Make sure you're surrounded by people you care about and who care about you. If someone is hurting you (intentional or not), you have every right to cut them out of your life. You're not being immature, you're just taking charge of your life and deciding what you want to get out of it. And that's amazing.

    • I think he is doing it to hurt me, there was no reason to rub it in my face, he's been so hurtful the past few months. Deliberately so, so maybe I'm just paranoid that everything he does is deliberate.
      I don't know why he couldn't say hey I'll chat later I'm busy, or something else, I know he's seeing someone. I was the one who told him to stop asking me for pictures and sex because it's not fair on her.

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    • Yea I think your right I texted him and we had a nice conversation, I said sorry about the blocking but I'm trying to do the right thing I said I was going to delete his number and we both agreed snap chat would be our only form of odd communication. I tried to end it good by saying that I hope everything goes well and with a bit of space and time we will get through this, he started saying about how he doesn't want back with me I was just like hang on I never asked you to i was talking about friends... he thinks he's irresistible number blocked and deleted

    • It's too bad that he's acting so immature. You definitely made the right choice in blocking and deleting his number. Power to you, girl! :)

  • Honestly girls that can keep in touch with their exes really impress me… I never had that ability and I don’t have any friend that was my ex… I just can’t keep contact afterwards… There is too much hurt, remorse… There is always one (either me or them) that still love and still care. So hurting is always in the menu….
    I think you need to think about yourself. Does it hurt you seeing him move on? Does that will keep YOU from moving on?
    If the answer is yes, I’d say? Block him.
    Once you are healed, seeing new people, unblock him.
    If he is a reasonable person he will understand that you needed your space and that now that you are healed you guys are capable of being civil and friends again.

    • I did message him this before I did;
      Hey I'm going to block you on this, not because I'm annoyed or anything, it just stung me earlier you saying you were going on a date, when I begged for a date and you finished with me, I know you're seeing someone and that's what happens but i don't think I'm ready to listen to you talk about it. I don't think we should talk properly for another while. If you need me for anything or are having a rough time by all means contact me on snapchat or something. I'm still always going to be here for you. Hope you had fun today, much love xx

      I don't want to hurt him, I think both of our heads are messed up and this is the only way, I don't want us to finish with an argument.

    • I also told him he did absolutely nothing wrong today and I'm not mad but it is the best decision for both of us.

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