Does my ex boyfriend want me back?

So my ex boyfriend of four years broke up with me because he believed I deserved better and he needed to get his life together. However, according to his friends I was clingy and had trust issues, which weren't fully true. He wasn't being fully honest about why he broke it off with me because after the break up he had began lying about his whereabouts and started partying. He is not a party animal at all. After the break up he inisisted on us remaining friends but I refused and decided to cut all contact. He eventually agreed and we didn't speak for two weeks. He then texts me to wish me a merry Christmas and me being the nice person I am I greeted him back but the following day he texts me for sex! We got into an agrument and he eventually just says bye! after that he unfollows me on instagram, we were already no longer friends on facebook. So another week passes then he sends me a apologetic text and he finally tells me that there is another girl in the picture but his heart still belongs to me and he still wanted to be in my life like wtf! I text him the following day acting like I didn't care (wishing him and the girl the best) and told him I was moving on with my life and just wanted to be friends down the line. He then tells me the girl is just a friend and he hasn't moved on. Also, he starts to bring up sappy and sentimental stuff from our relationship and says he can take being my friend he just wanted to still be in my life. He seemed pretty down because I just wanted to be friends but what do you expect from me. What is this guys problem?


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  • Hell if I know. He's probably either confused or wants sex. Might have had another girl i. e. the one who was in the picture and was just a friend. I wouldn't be surprised if he thought he was going to be with her, it didn't work out and she friend zoned him, which is why he broke up with you. No way in hell he broke it off because he thought you deserved better. That's like saying "it's not you, it's me." That is a bunch of BS. No guy is going to break up with a girl he's in love with because he things his girlfriend deserves better. No girl will either. If that's what he thought he'd try to be a better boyfriend. Screw that guy. Just cut him off totally and don't give him another thought. You don't need that BS.


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