Should I send this email to my ex?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years. We had a massive argument after which i got over the day after. I apologized and was extremely sweet trying to make it up to him. He however decided to flat out tell me to get out of his house, and then continued to ignore me for days. He later changed his facebook profile to hide his relationship status with me and posted lots of pictures as though he was single. It really hurt me to the point where i broke up with him. It was a combination of this and him never asking how my day was anymore, never giving me as much support as i gave him etc. This all happened over Christmas

He recently went into hospital with a severe chest infection and i went to see him as i still love him. He was acting like he didn't want me to leave yet he said he didn't want me to come before i turned up?

So now it's gotten to the point where i'm so heartbroken and he's treating me like an accquaintance. To me it's pretty clear that he doesn't want to be with me anymore. He hasn't even fought to have me back since i broke up with him, it's like he doesn't care if i leave or not. But i feel like he doesn't want me to go, despite not wanting me to stay because he's still in love with me.

So should i send him a closure email where i'm completely honest and open about my feelings and that i still love him but tell him to let me go? I won't stay in a relationship where the other person doesn't feel the same.
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  • Wait for a week or two to get the thing calmed dowm. Then review your mind. Do you still feel the same? If you do its a sign that you was right at the beginning. If not, then do what you think is good for you.


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  • Another case of lover not being honest with each other that's make relationship so hard. Look if I were you don't send the email talk to him face to face and if he won't man up and give you an honest answer leave him. Don't waste your time an effort to love someone who use you as a beck and call for his own selfishness. I get that you love him, but is it mutual. Does he love you with the same amount of love you have given to him. But like I say talk to him face to face emails is not going to work. Because if you love him that much don't let an email be your bridge to his heart just speak to him in person it will convey your feeling better to him.


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  • Send the e-mail.
    Get all of your feelings out there.
    If he's unwilling to reciprocate you just have to let him go, as painful as it is.
    It takes two to fight and make things work.

    With time your wounds will heal, as cliche as it sounds.
    You will grow stronger and get over him.
    <3 Trust me.

  • I feel you should send him an email saying you are letting him go and that you deserve better and wish him good luck in life. I know it's hard to move on but you will find another better and greater guy


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