A promise?

A promise in general.

My mindset on promises is that if I promise someone something it will be done. No matter how long it takes or what it is, it'll be done. I've made promises to myself for just that reason. I think it started when I heard the saying: "If you break a promise you make yourself how can others learn to trust you?" something along those lines.

I'm curious, have you ever made a big promise to yourself and broke it? Have you ever made a big promise to someone else and broke it?

I'm happy to say I've never broken a promise I made myself and I am still in the process or making other promises I've made come true.


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  • I have made promises before to many people and I have gotten them done even though it took some time I always kept the promise. So Far as you I have never broke a promise. Recently I have made some promises to a girl that I dated and still care for that no matter what that I will never walk out of her life, I will still be her close guy friend and I will dance at least 2 slow dances with her. I intend to keep that promise because I would not be able to live with myself until I got that promise done and made her happy.


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  • If I make a promise to someone- I keep it, no matter how hard that might be. I think that's the hardest part- when you make a promise you never imagine it will be hard to keep, but sometimes they really are. But, I also think you must understand that sometimes promises bind you in ways that are unhealthy so you have to be careful when you make them. You should promise from your heart, but look carefully with your head at what you're tying yourself in to. If you make a promise you don't believe in, you will either have to live with keeping a promise that doesn't feel right or live with the guilt breaking a promise.

    As for promises to myself, I don't really make them because what you want/need changes so much that those promises would have to be very vague or always broken. I can't promise never to want something or never to do something, not to myself because it might one day be a lie. Instead, I always try to be true to my soul and what my judgement says is right.

  • I have broken a promise I made but I think a lot of people who have been heart broken have or will break this promise. That they will never ever love again

  • I never really promise. I would never want to break a promise so usually it's better for me if I don't promise anyone anything. Simple that way.


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