HELP!!! Does my ex want me back?

First he takes me out on a date (movie's and pizza). Then he goes out of town for the holidays and ignores me all week (could of been bad reception but I don't know). He tries to make me jealous by his sister posting a picture of him talking to a girl at a bar but I later find out she might be engaged and he never even added her as a friend on Facebook. I then find out that his siblings are looking at my Facebook profile. Then I find out his sister suggest that his mom be friends with me on Facebook. And I'm unsure if he's trying to play hard to get now or not.

What is going on here?


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  • Immature games is what's going on.

    It's hard to say if he likes you or not. He could just want you to be interested in him.

    • I mean we act like a couple when we hang out and he took me out on a date and isn't he's family talking about me now

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  • ... these are the times where im glad im older. This guy has a big red flag written all over him, completely immature to the fullest. He does'nt want you back, he wants to play games with you... and see how you react to it.

    • How do you see he doesn't want me back? He took me out on a date and we act like a lot everytime we hang out

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    • I... can't tell you it does or not, i can only give you some advice and go with that. Only time will tell you if it really is promising or not. Remember though things are not what they seem to be sometimes.

    • What do you mean?

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