I hate that I love you. Anybody else knows this kinda feeling?

I hate you but I love you
It's sad and yet it's true
I thought that you cared for me
After everything we'd been through

I hate you but I love you
I use to call you friend
But no more words were ever said
So yeah, I thought it was the end

I hate you but I love you
Stranger is your new name
I thought I knew you once before
But I guess it was all just game

I hate you but I love you
Though yes, I moved away
As much as I hate to say it
I think about you almost everyday

I hate you but I love you
You have hurt me so much
I never thought that I could cry
Just by thinking of someone's touch

I hate you but I love you
Me, shoved against a wall
The one time in all my life
I actually wished to fall

I hate you but I love you
And all the time I cry,
I convince them that I'm okay
But truth, it's just another lie

I hate you but I love you
Why'd you do this to me
There're so many scars and bruises
That only I am forced to see
Dedicated to the man I love and married ten years ago ❤️


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  • Aww 😞😒 That is such a beautiful poem! I felt tears in my eyes and goosebumps while reading it. It has such a deep meaning which reached my heart. I imagine who ever wrote that was writing from the heart , which was based on a painful experienceβ€πŸ’”


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  • That is awesome can relate to it so much ;)


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