Guys, 4 years, a broken heart.. I'm confused?

We are both 22, we have been together for 4/5 years. He was everything to me, we got along well. He did what no other guy did for me.. Our first year, he got me a ring, a heart shaped stone with my favorite color.
Long story short, my boyfriend was talking about moving out and how i meant the world to him. It was constant months. A few months later he confessed he had cheated on me.. he said he had to tell me because if we got married, he didn't want to hold onto that burden, he loved me. This guy was not the regular douche bag cliche guy. So different than the rest. So i thought. I broke it off with him. I was single all summer, trying to move on from a relationship of 4 years... To someone who was my first everything. He did the impossible to get with me after months of denying him.

We are back together, its not easy to forgive and forget. Don't judge me please. Things are going fine. He keeps telling me he isn't looking for anything else, im what he wants, he is working two jobs and goes to school full time. He wants to be stable and he says he wants to be with me/ marry me. Im confused, i dont know if things will go fine from here. Is there hope? if things work out, will he propose? Should I wait?

I pictured a life with this guy. I dont have all the time in the world to wait. Iv waited 4 years, hoping one day he would propose. Now i just dont know what to expect.


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  • He plans to be with and marry you, which his recent actions indicate.

    Perhaps, then, you should focus on factors that tend sustain relationships: effective communication, meeting each other's emotional and physical needs, and effectively resolving issues, among other things, as opposed to focusing on whether or not he'll propose in the near future.

  • Look, from a cheater. We can learn. Give him a chance.


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