Don't believe in love?

So me and boyfriend have been going out two months now and we really like each other, he tells me he has deep feelings for me and tells me he misses me when I'm not with him and I believe him because he talks about me to all his friends. But yesterday he told me that he doesn't believe in love, he said he cares for me but can't love me because he doesn't and never will love anyone. Is there a future for us? Is this normal?


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  • Normal? No.

    A future? Maybe. If he maintains his activities, whether he comprehend love or not, you'll be fine. He acts and cares for you deeply, which is essentially a loving relationship anyway.

  • Love is an emotion. He feels it whether he believes it or not. He may call it "having deep feelings" but he can't avoid it. Its like this, if you cut yourself and I ask “are you in pain?” and you were to tell me “no I’m receiving distress signals from the nerves in my finger indication damage to the skin and tissue” it’s the same thing. Also this whole not believing in love thing usually comes from heartbreak from an earlier relationship. I went through a phase of it myself. So it’s not normal but it’s not like a condition that can’t be remedied. As for your future, that’s entirely up to you two. Follow your heart and what’s meant to be will happen. Good luck :)


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