WTF? Is he cheating?

My man and I have been dating for almost 4 years. Recently he has decided he's going to start screwing things up by his excessive drinking and by his choice of friends he brings over to my home. Here's my dilemma:

My mother, who I might add is not all there, accused him of coming onto her while she was sleeping. I asked him about it, of course he denied it. And then to add more, my best friend of 17 years told me they slept together in my own apartment while I was sleeping.

I've been cheated on a lot in the past, I don't know if I'm just insecure. I'm having some serious trust issues with this guy. I don't want to believe that he is, just something in me is saying he is and I can't prove it! I'm going retarded thinking about what he's doing behind my back. He's shady about everything and such a good liar. I can never tell when he's being truthful with me. HELP!


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  • I'd probably believe the friend, I would never believe the mother. Unless he's really messed up as a person. Many normal people cheat, but you'd have to be totally batsh!t crazy to do that with your girlfriend's mom while she's sleeping.

    • My own mom is saying he came onto her while she was sleeping. And he's the type of person that when he's drinking he totally blacks out and forgets things. But he swears up and down that he didn't do it.

  • I don't think you're best friend of 17 years would lie about something like that. 17 years is a lot of years compared to 4, same with you're mother, she may not be all there but I don't see why a mom would lie about something like that either. Also, if you have the feeling that he is, more than likely he is. I've always called it a womans intuition, every time I've felt that a boyfriend was cheating on me, I pulled the reverse pshycology sh*t on him. I told him that I know he's cheating on me because I have my ways, and he would always end up admitting it to me. not to mention I would always do some investigation of my own. It's unfortunate and I really hope he is not cheating on you, but always go with your gut hun.

    • Awww, thanks. I hope I can fig. him out.

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