Try harder or let it go?

so I have been dating this guy for like 3 weeks and at first everything was nice. we went out, we had fun, and I loved to be around him but since we are both in college I understand we can't go out all the time but everything has just gone down hill. I do not feel excitement about seeing him or anything its so monotonous it makes me sick. also, he left to go see his brother friday and is no gonna spent v day with me. I don't know if I like him anymore what should I do? let him go and ignore the comment people make about ditching me for v day or try to make the relationship work?


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  • Does it really make you sick, or are you convincing yourself that it makes you sick, because you feel mildly rejected - tho not that you are.

    I think because it IS young, you should talk to him, just to check in & compare noted.

    a very similar thing happened to me, & I stopped talking t him & I thought he stopped talking to me, & finally before I eft I talked to him just t see why he did not just tell me he was not into me any more & he said that I was ignoring him so he figured I did not like him. So he asked me why I did not ASK HIM, & I said the same thing he did.

    Anyways, I had to leave so that was that, but we did the same thing 1 year later & at some point he told me how he had always had feelings for me , but again I was leaving - So basically I am just saying now while you are young^^ & it is young just TALK to him.. The way I see it is, the only reason to NOT TALK is to let things develop ^& see where it will go without shocking someone with delusions of grandeur too soon^.

    But if you are thinking of breaking it, then TALK BEFORE YOU LEAP.

    ( What harm col it do, things can change from being busy & stress it does not mean they are forever CANGED.)

    Good Luck!

    • You are right...dats what ima do

    • :-)

      Keep me posted!!!!

      BTW, Our 'talking' would NOT have happened without ME initiating it^

      He was in love with me for three years before... I can't tell if that is sweet - or stupid^

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  • i've been in a similar situation recently, we didn't communicate really well-she kept shutting down on me and wouldn't say a word--I can't read minds. she has a master's degree and has even been married once(granted the guy cheated on her). my point is this, she didn't give it much of a shot and didn't try to work at it. I would set him down, and let him know where you stand and see what he says, if nothing comes of it, then, you're right, you're not that into him anymore...better to know now, than later.

    • Thank you... I know I wanna try ya kno but I cnt run the relationshi for both of us

  • It's so young that if you feel you no longer like him at this point you should definitely let it go. Just don't even try. No one's in the wrong, no one's bad, you just aren't feeling it and that's life.


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