How do I break up with him when he has done nothing wrong?

I want to break up with my boyfriend but I honestly do not know what reason I can give him as to why I want to. I'm going to be going off to school in the fall and yes this is a while a way but I just don't really want to be in a relationship right now. In addition to this, I just don't care for him like I have guys in the past and I cannot keep pretending.

I just don't know how I going to be able to break up with him because he seems so happy that I'm his girlfriend. I feel like I'm so mean but I don't know what to do really. Also if we do break up, it will mess up a lot of friendships because I'm friends with all of his friends and vice versa. Please help me, I'm in such a difficult situation!


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  • You are not happy with the relationship and you seem more concerned about his happiness and the fallout namely the friends choosing between team wschic2010 and team exbf. Clearly his happiness is more important than yours and the drama of people choosing between the two of you should be avoided. You should stay together for the sake of you children, sorry I meant to say friends. Just kidding. Its not like you are married, you can be honest and say you don't want to be in a relationship, you're not happy, you're pretending, you don't care for him so why lead him on, put him out of your misery and be done with it. You can use the its not you its me line, or think of a creative way to extracate yourself from this mess. How would you feel if it was the other way around he were more attracted to him than he is to you and was just pretending. I wouldn't like it.

    Your friends can choose. Make some team wschic2010 t shirts up and start recruiting. Or in the alternative have your cake and eat it to. Do a secret break up. You agree to break up secretly for the sake of the friends you might have to put something on the table to sweetten the deal like an open relationship so that you are together but can date other people.


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  • you need to do this ASAP "in addition to this, I just don't care for him like I have guys in the past and I cannot keep pretending" you said enough right are hurting him even more by holding onto him... maybe you're scared that after you break up you'll miss him more than expected? who knows - but to be fair to him ,say look I like you and all but I'm going to school and I need to get my head straight and being away from you is only going to make it harder (ONLY IF IT IS) you don't want to beat around the may also want to say hey schools coming up and I've been thinking a lot, I think it'd be better for us to be friends, you're a great guy and really nice but my life is changing and I'm not sure about where I want to be what I want to do and I don't want to drag you into my uncertainties because it will hurt us both in the end I feel like...whatever you do take it easy on him it sounds like he really cares for you, be careful as well - you never truly miss/realize ur emotions for something or someone until its gone, but as of right now it seems youve already made up your mind, holding onto him will only hurt him more

  • Why do you have to do a formal "breakup"? It's not like you are married! If you want , you can just be honest -- tell him you don't want a formal relationship or anything that will keep you from having playtime with anyone in the new school that you may fancy. Basically, tell him you are actually a slut. Nothing wrong with that. Regarding all the friends -- don't worry, you'll be making many more at the new school, and the ones worth keeping will stick by you as you discover your new found freedom.

    • I don't think its slutty to not be into a guy. I don't think its very kind to do that to this guy. The kindest thing you can do is break things off with him, right away. The sooner you dump him, the sooner he'll get over you, the sooner he can move on to someone else. There is nothing wrong with that- - if you guys aren't a good fit- better to figure that out now before things get all twisted and weird.

    • No, it is not slutty simply to not be into a guy. But this girl really does want to be free to play around with all the new toys at the new school. So if her boyfriend just realized that, he might not be hurt. He would just know she is in to slutty a stage to expect on ongoing "boyfriend" commitment. Remember, she does not want to hurt him.

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  • well tell him that you need time to think and that he did nothing wrong so he won't feel that he did something


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