Ex asking about me. WHY?

He broke up with me after about 4yrs. We both attended his sisters wedding because I'm close with his sis. While at the wedding he would keep saying he needed a drink or something at his car, or to use the bathroom. I feel he was trying to avoid me, by making excuses.

After the ceremony he was acting very strange, and would over dramatize his laugh, like he was nervous. When I took the pics of the family(him included) he wouldn't look at me or in my direction while I took the pics.

Then a couple days after the wedding, He asked a mutual friend if I was home. They told him they didn't know because sometimes I go out. He said that he needed to know if I was home so that he can know if I had cold medicine for our son. He never asked me about cold med. or called anyways. so Why IS MY EX ASKING ABOUT ME ALL OF A SUDDEN.?


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  • 4 years is a long time to be together... maybe he's having regrets?


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