She and I broke up 3 weeks ago, should I email her to wish her Happy Valentine's Day?

We dated for 5 months. Very serious. We had a ridiculous argument and broke up after spending one last hot night together.

So, is it polite or necessary to wish her Happy Valentines Day?


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  • Yes, it is the polite thing to do by sending her an email to wish her a Happy Valentines Day. Is it neccessary? No. After all you two are broken up. If the both of you are trying to fix the relationship, then I would say it would be neccessary for you to call. But it's okay to think of her on this special day. I'm sure she's thinking of you too. We're human this is what we do. So, you go right ahead and send her that email. I guarantee you she'll respond with a smiley.

    Happy Valentines Day to you too.


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  • I think sending her Happy Valentines will help open up communication between you two and show her that you, at the end of the day, don't hate her or wish harm for her. You do still care so let her know that. It doesn't mean you two are getting back together or anything.

    If that's what you might want to do tho, then again, this is a way to open up communication.

    • I also think it would behoove you to ponder why you're thinking about her, depending on how long ya'll have been broken up.

  • I don't know the circumstances of the break up...but I would leave it alone.

    • We met online. We both hid our profiles, became exclusive. After our senseless argument, about of all things, politics, I caught her online trying to set up a coffee meet with another guy.

      She blamed it on being attracted to what she called "emotionally unavailable men", which she said I wasn't. She referred to herself as "f-ed up". Her words.

      But I still care for her, even if we aren't going to be together.

    • From what you have said it seems more like you want to send her a valentine hello more for your sake than hers, and because of that I think you should not contact her. She is the one who gave you the cold shoulder, sending her that hello may make you feel even worse if she doesn't reply or responds nonchalantly. It is awful to get broken up with, and there is always that lingering temptation to want to contact the person, but I think its better not to and move on.

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