GUYS: How can he already be talking to another girl?!

We dated for 3 years...it was amazing and he is an amazing guy. After 9 months, I moved my whole life down to where he lived because I truly felt I would be with him forever. I never had that feeling even when I got married to my ex husband. I have a son from my previous marriage who has bonded with him and he played a good role of dad, too. This break up is almost harder than my divorce because my son is feeling the loss as well. He is 6 now and really really wanted to be like my boyfriend. He dated casually before meeting me, never exceeding three months. He said he always knew right away about the girl. Well, after four months of dating he told me he knew he was going to marry me..I felt so lucky :) well, moved down there and a year of living with him, I feel alone..he doesn't show me affection like he used to and I question why we are together. we talk about this often, and he is always so willing to work on it. This goes on for a year...we had our last good talk about it at the beginning of January and he tells me he wants to work on things because he KNOWS he loves me. Great! 2 weeks go by...we have the talk again and he thinks we've tried everything and thinks it's best for the both of us to break up. I was shocked. found a place to move my son and I into. my whole life has changed again. I have his account info for his cell phone bill. He has been talking to this girl non-stop since the day I moved out! (he met her at a networking event after we broke up, while I still was looking for a place to move into, so I know she had nothing to do with the break up) SO, GUYS: what does this mean? I was the first girl he fell in love with and committed to for that length of time. How could he feel good about talking to her? It"s been 3 weeks since we broke up and 2 weeks since I moved out. I told him to stop calling me because he would contact me everyday. I was getting mixed signals and living off hope. I told him I can't feed off hope and I need to work on letting him go. It's valentines day today & tomorrow would have been our 3 year anniversary and he has talked on the phone to her at least 7 times today. I know it sounds psycho, I am not at all. I just need to prepare myself for him starting a relationship already. BUT HOW could he do this so soon? I have this gut feeling that we will be together again and I don't want to set my self up for heartache again. how can you develop feelings for someone else that fast? the thought of dating again makes me want to puke. I am so heartbroken. please any thoughts on why he is doing this :(


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  • I honestly, would b very pussed commited your life! And he

    just tosses it! I think thAt girl had something too dp with it I do, I would get

    her number, and find out what's going on between those two! And everything

    realllly! I would I would beat his ass! Let your hair down and go out!

    You don't have to b with anybody right away! But it will keep your mind

    off of it!