My past relationship risks damaging my current one.

Last year I had a very intense Romance (which in effectively acted as my rebound after my 3 year relationship ended). This romance was not only based on sex, but was a very passionate close to obsessive attachment to this girl (who for a while at least responded the same way). It ended basically because she got bored of it and saw that I was inside a bit of a softy. Although this may sound strange, I was incredibly heart broken by this rejection, even more so oddly when I ended my 3yr relationship. It took a while to get over all that pain, I went to therapy sorted my life out and am happy now. I also met a wonderful girl who I am now in a very happy relationship with. I am also good friends with my ex from my 3yr relationship. There is now however one problem.

My obsession over my Romance girl continues, not in the form of love or wanting to be with her, but of just obsession and sometimes anger that someone so unimportant made me feel so unhappy and jeopardized many of my relationships with people I care about. The good thing for now is that there is a physical distance, she is in South Carolina I am in London...however she is coming to London for college in a few months. I don’t talk to her, I have done everything I could to forget her. Blocked and deleted her on MSN, stopped her status updates on Facebook and just try and erase her from my life. She doesn’t even talk to me, I just can’t forget her. I think this is currently made worse by the fact I can’t see my girlfriend as much at the moment as she is away abroad for a while. What I basically want is advice, anything to try and help me put this person out of my mind. I am worried if I don’t she will unknowingly have ruined my current chances of true happiness.

My past relationship risks damaging my current one.
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