How do I know if he wants a relationship or to just hook up?

I met this guy about a month ago at a party. I had always thought he was hot and when I met him we talked for a while and hit it off. When he was leaving we hugged and then we didn't talk until about three weeks later, we were at another party together. I sat by him and he put his arm around me and we talked for a while, then we ended up hooking up. two days later I hung out with him and some friends and we hooked up again. The only time he texts me is when he asks to hang out, which is quite often, so we talk a lot in person and he tells me how much he likes me a lot, but its while were hooking up. I'm just confused and I don't know what to expect from him.


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  • stop hooking up with him, & see if he stays. if he doesnt, then say "peace out!".

  • I would for now just expect a hook up until he makes a move to make things go further.


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