Men want what they can't have. (Well at least for now.)

I've never been in a relationship, and the guy that I got involved with has been in 3 long term ones. When we were together everything was perfect, until he wanted more than he could have. He wanted me to open up to him and tell him EVERYTHING about myself, and I am sort of a closed off person. I wanted to open up to him when I felt most comfortable, but he kept pressuring me to open up, so I would. But he still pressured like crazy. Then suddenly he said that we should be friends and work on our trust and we would eventually get back together. So we worked on that, and I opened up to him even more with his pressuring. But he was never happy, even when I did open up to him. Then everything became horrible and he finally said that he just doesn't want to be with me anymore. Am I in the wrong to feel like I've been treated badly? And am I in the wrong for feeling that he had been over stepping my boundaries? Now all I can think of is our past, and how badly I want him back even though I feel like he treated me wrongly. But he doesn't want me, he just wants to be friends. But I don't know how I can do that when he's the only guy I want, and I do want to open up to him, but only if he's my S/O. I'm feeling like pulling an ultimatum, but I know that if I did, he would say no and leave me (friend wise). I'm stuck in this position where I want to make him happy (since day one), but now I'm not happy. At all. I so badly want to be with him again.. What should I do?


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  • Honestly, for your own good, move on. Why is it that every girl wants a certain guy so bad, I mean can't you just hold back, I mean are you that desperate for him? Seriously, you keep saying he pressured you into this and that, and he treated you wrongly yet you contradict yourself. Stop being an insecure girl and grow up. I'm not sorry for being an asshole, but I treated one of my ex's really bad too, and I'm glad I left her. Because this story really sounds similar to me and one of my ex's. I pressured her, I treated her bad, nothing was ever enough for me, and I completely took advantage of her to the limits. ITS A FUCKED up situation, and I'm telling you for your own sake LEAVE HIM. I'm really glad I dumped my girlfriend and never got back with her, because she was just like you, ready to kill herself to be with me again. Until she finally realized that she was treated badly, so please listen and look for something that makes you happy and makes you smile. Good Luck.


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  • I agree with "stefan R"

    he sounds immature,he doesn't know what does relationships mean.

    just Move on as you can,cut off any contact with him, cut off anything reminds you of him pictures,...etc stuff like that, Cut off any memories by trying to think about another stuff just try as you can, you will be fine.

    Don't try to contact him, you will hurt your self, just Let him go, you don't need someone treats you badly.


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