He cheated on me and got her pregnant!

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. It was fun for the most of it my mom really liked him but his parents didn't really want him to be with me for whatever reason. But we didn't care and we stayed together. So one night we decided that we weren't going to let anything separate us ( I was on the run because my moms boyfriend rapped me) So my boyfriend and his best friend decided that we should leave the state and go down to Texas. We were about a hour away from Illinois and we just had filled the car with gas and we were going the wrong way. So my bf's friend decided to pullover and we got stuck in the snow (and we got stuck) So after I got put in foster care for running away my foster mom actually ended up telling me that he cheated on me and got her pregnant! I don't know what to do if you think you can help please tell me what to do?


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  • What in the world got to cps they could give you the help you need


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