How do I get her back? urgent help needed!

hey guys I really need your help quick , ill make the story short and sweet there's this girl I had a 'thing' with a few months back and decided to stop it because of a big fight we had.

but anyway were talking a lot again and she wanted to hang out but the thing is she always tells me 1-2 hours before to come hang out somewhere , its not that far from me but yeah I like to be organized haha she's done this ever since we've known each other which has been like a whole year

guys and girls I'm hopefully going to see her on Thursday how can I get her back I need to do it in that one day because I don't get to see her often, I'm not gonna ask her out but kissing her would seal the deal if that makes sense...see I have a feeling that she likes me back but its really complicated and she probably wouldn't show it unless I make a move. Please help me !


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  • Um, bring her some flowers, tell you love her, and proceed to lightly kiss her on the neck and rub her arm. If she is repulsed she's not that into you.

    • Thanks for the reply man but she might be with her friends, she usually is because I think she's just shy when its me and her but anyway the flowers and sh*t probably isn't the best idea I just need help on how heavily I should flirt with her and how I should go about hinting that I like her again because on thursday its make or break we haven't seen each other in ages and yeah haha

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