Second time around?

originally I met this girl while in college in 05. she was interested from the very start but I was a butt head. when I calmed down and tried to make things right she seemed to give me a chance but she still had her guard up. things just didn't end up working out. I met another girl and ended up dating her for years. even though I cared about my girlfriend in the back of my mind I always wondered about this girl from college. we would see each other around town once in a while and she always had a big smile when we saw each other. once we ran into each other at a club and she asked if I was still with my gf, when she heard me say yes she quickly walked away. my girlfriend and I broke up in early 09, so by November I decided to text the girl from college. once she found out it was me she text back "OMG HEY HOW R U". things started off slow but it started to speed up. I made sure to wish her happy holidays and happy birthday. I asked how she is doing and tried to show I still think about her. By January we were talking a lot more and she said I should take her out for dinner. we set up dates but she would cancel them! eventually she opened up to me and said she liked me a lot and thought I was a great guy. she said she thinks of me as more than just a friend and that I'm someone she would consider dating. this made me very happy to hear, she even said that I'm someone who makes her smile and happy and that she has a crush on me.

recently I got sick and was in the hospital. while I was in the hospital she made me feel like a million dollars and spoke to me a lot. she always asked how I am and said she was so sad I was sick. I am better now however I haven't been able to go out much cause the doc said to stay indoors. this is why I was not able to go out with her on v day. I did not even ask her out for v day to be honest. On v day she text me happy v day and we started texting back and forth. through out the month of February she was always the first one to initiate contact, she would contact me more than I contacted her, and she opened up to me. I liked this girl a lot and after all the years apart I felt close to her and like we are being given a second chance. I liked her so much and wanted her and felt like good things would come.

but now I am really confused. on v day late at night she text me saying "i just want to be friends"

what does this mean?

we have not spoken since v day and this last day and half I've been really sad and stressed not knowing what to do. it feels so strange that we are not speaking. someone please help me

thanks for your time

yesterday she text me asking how I am doing, around mid night I responded saying I'm busy and then I asked how she's doing. she said she's doing good. why did she message me? I'm confused


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  • There are many things that this could mean, but perhaps she's afraid of things turning out the way they did before. Call her and tell her how you feel about her, and let her know that you're not the person you used to be. :) good luck!

    • Why did she text me asking how I'm doing after about a week?

    • Not sure.

      When it comes to these kinds of things, a girl can change her mind in an instant.

      You need to reassure her that you can handle that, and you'll wait.

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  • Sorry, but maybe she was about to get it on with someone else..


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  • I think she is scared to get close to you since it has been going so well recently, and the fact that both your situations are as "single". There should be nothing stopping either one of you right now -- so she likely has cold feet. Or she has irons in another fire right now and wants to see how that turns out, meaning you are the "fall-back" guy.

    If you really want a shot with her, to me it sounds like you need to press and push the issue. Go after what you want...take a shot. Taking a shot and missing is much better than never taking that shot at all.


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