Why did my ex choose his ex girlfriend from 5 years ago instead of me?

Me and my ex have been on and off for 2 years. We broke up last October and he started dating my bff from elementary school for a month.After a month he came back to me the day before Christmas, broke up with her and we got back together.After being together for a couple days he told me he needed time to think about some personal issues and needed to figure his life out but he still wanted to hang out with me because he didn't want to lose me and knew if I was around he wouldn't get involved with anyone while he was thinking about stuff.

So I agreed and said we could hang out and see how it goes and I would let him know.We hung out one night and ended up having sex.The next night when he dropped me off I told him I didn't think it was a good idea to hang out anymore because I felt he was
using me for sex and I didn't think we should talk anymore until he figured everything out. A month went by and since he works at the college I go to I see him all the time which sucks a lot. He saw me one morning working on a project with a friend and
texted me from the room he was working in asking if I would come in there so we could talk.He kept asking me about these guys that liked me and asked if I was serious with them and after I told him no he told me he was just really stressed out because of
school, his family and he didn't know what he wanted to do still.He kept telling me he cared a lot about me but he needed to make sure that he wanted to be with me and that his feelings for his ex girlfriend from 5 years ago didn't come back. I knew they
had been talking and hanging out so I mentioned it to him and he said he wanted to hang out with her and talk to her because he thought if he did he could determine if his feelings for her came back while they hung out. I asked him what he exactly was
thinking about and at one point he did mention marriage. I said okay and we had lunch that same day.Well the same day he texted me after I left the college asking me what I was doing and if I wanted to come over to watch a movie but I said I couldn't and
he said okay.Well later that night the weather forecast was calling for a winter snowstorm, I was shopping with my sister to stock up on food and was planning on staying with her while the snowstorm hit. He said he was going to try and stay at his friends
house that weekend.The next day he texted me saying he was going to try and stay at his friends house and if I wanted to try and stay there also.I agreed and we were snowed in with him,his friend and his friend's wife for 4 days.I told him I wanted to be
friends because that same week he had texted me asking me how I had been doing and seeing if he figured things out if we could try things out again in the near future and I said no and told him I only wanted to be friends so that weekend of the snowstorm
I told him the same thing and he said okay.Well as soon as we got there he started making out with me and I got horny and we had sex two more times while we were there.The entire time he was texting his ex girlfriend tho and it started to get to me a lot.
I had previously told him that I wanted to sleep in separate rooms but changed my mind after we had sex.Everything was going fine the first couple days but him talking to his ex was really starting to bug me and we got into an argument at one point
because he was texting her so much.After the 4th day of being there things were just not right between us and he was upset with me and I wanted to go home.I felt so stupid for getting myself into this situation.When he dropped me off at my house I told
him we could still do something for my birthday if he still wanted to and he replied with "we will see" and I asked if everything was okay and he said yes you just told me last night you didn't think it would be good to hang out anymore.I told him I had
thought about things some more and decided we could try hanging out one more time and see how things went from there and he said "maybe." He never contacted me on my birthday or anything and it was really getting to me so I went onto his ex gf's Facebook
and logged in as her and copying and pasting there conversations to each other. They had talked about him staying at her house and rubbing her and wanting a hand job from her.He even talked about wanting to be the guy who supported her and her two kids.
I got p*ssed and texted him telling him that I found out that he was lying about some stuff that had to do with him and his ex girlfriend and that I had proof. He texted me back asking "what" and I told him to never talk to me again and that I hope he has
fun with his "family" and that I hope he got screwed over...again and goodbye.He told his ex that I went onto her Facebook account and everything, she got p*ssed,sent me a message and I sent her one back and that was the end. My question is why would a
guy, any guy for that matter want to be with his ex from 5 years ago who he was engaged to, got a house with and came home one night to find her in their bed with another guy naked? Especially considering she ended up marrying the guy, has a 1 year old
with him and another baby on the way.Him and her are not legally divorced yet and are separated.He sleeps with her in her bed, at her apartment while she is pregnant and kisses her probably.Why would he want to be with her when she has so much going on
especially with the fact that she has two kids, one that isn't even born yet, he knows that the dad is always going to be around and when she already told him that he would probably be staying at the apartment when the baby was born so she could get rest.
When I was with him he couldn't trust me.Why would he even consider being with her after everything she did.How is he going to trust her?Will he ever talk to me again even if I told him to never talk to me again, look at me at the college and to leave me


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  • So much to read x.x. I am sorry to hear that. =( Some guy just take love for granted. Using love to accomplish their need. It sicken me sometime to see love being treated that way. I am so sorry to hear about that.


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