I'm hoping that by initiating no contact he'll realize what he had?

my ex of 2 years and I recently broke up.. I kind of jumped the gun and ended it pretty badly with him; telling him he was a waste of my time and that I don't love him and I'll realize I never really did. well, he got p*ssed and told me to get out of his life and I found out that two days after I ended it he made out with a junior in high school...we're both college freshmen. now, normally one would think that means he doesn't care but this is the same guy who cheated on me because he read in my text messages that I had called him a little bitch - he's big on pride.. had sex with another girl just to spite me for doing that... so I don't even know what telling him I didn't love him and wasting my time did. in any case, him and this junior are now "talking" and he said he wanted to be friends because I was important to him but I told him I couldn't. I'm hoping that by initiating no contact he'll realize what he had, but id like other input. of course, I'm not waiting around for him. I'm talking to another guy right now. but I always thought we would end up together forever.


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  • I'm not sure I understand. You thought you'd end up together forever. So you told him you never loved him and he was a waste of your time, then dumped him. When he asked to be friends, you said no. Now he's seeing someone else and you want to know if ignoring him will make him come back to you?

    I had a girlfriend once who told me something like that, broke up with me, and refused to even speak to me. I don't want her back and I'll probably never speak to her again.

    You've sent him extremely clear messages: "I hate you" and "go away." If you want to be with him, you should probably consider a different approach.

    • Well I'm not really sure how to salvage this now..

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