What would make someone that you like start talking to you again?

He wasn’t talking to me online for a long time he wouldn’t text or talk to me on any social network. I haven’t did much in that time I only gave him a present for Christmas and gave him a hug on my birthday? Do you think that would influence the way he feels about me. We would only talk at school and last week at school he was blushing and he has been standing closer to me. He even talks to me during the school hours when he would only talk to me on the bus. I think that he also has been more in my life. He thinks that he knows me and he always asks me if I got my license. The funny thing is that he still only talks to me for a short time still. He would comment like twice or text twice. He even wished me a Happy Birthday this year which he's never done since I have known him for 2 years.


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  • It would be by starting to talk to them as well.


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