Should I let my ex boyfriend continue to follow me or should I remove him?

Even though i have deleted him off everything he still follows me on instagram. My mom says i should just let him follow me but doesn't that make it easy for him to see what i am up to. Or should i block him and un block him. Why does he still follow me?
I don't know what would be smart

SO I found out that my best guy friend and the girl I was worried had something with my ex got back together. So does this mean she didn't have anything with my ex after all?


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  • Was it a bad breakup or mutually agreeable breakup?

    I've stayed in touch with ex girlfriends (all have been clean, respectful breakups), just because the relationship is over doesn't mean you can't still care about each other or be interested in each others lives.
    I don't recommend staying in close contact after a breakup as it seems to make things more difficult and confusing, but after several months when wounds have healed and people have moved on and begun a new chapter of life I don't see the harm in checking in and seeing what's going on.

    If he wants to follow your instagram and you're comfortable with it, then let it be. If you don't particularly want to follow him then do what's right for you. If you don't feel comfortable with him following you, then block him... he'll get the point.

    • Well it was mutual but he has hurt me even after the break up. His actions most of all. But you know what maybe ill allow him. He will just have to see how happy i am...

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    • Thank you. I know a lot of people tell me i am still young and i will meet other people. But i feel as if it harder when it was your first relationship.

    • Yep, it's part of growing up though. Most of us have been there. It will get better though :-)

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  • ... Even though I have deleted him off everything...
    Go ahead and push the "Block" button, @dimples123. In this case with his face, 'My mom' doesn't know Best from the Rest.
    You are doing beautifully with having moved on. Apparently the Blast from the Past... Has Not.
    Yes, Real 'Easy' so don't make it Harder on yourself in doing what you Found was 'Easy' to do with The.. Rest of Everything.
    Good luck and go for it. xx

    • I think he has moved on perhaps because now he is hanging around the slut he said i need not worry about... And her friends as well.

      But in a way him seeing me happy won't it hurt him even more. What does blocking him do to him?

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    • Thank you!

    • Oh, soooo welcome. xxoo

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  • Nope just do whatever you want lady!

  • If it doesn't pose any risk to you emotionally then just leave it? All depends on how over him you are

  • Delete him especially if he hurt you it will make it easier to move on

    • I have deleted him and unfollowed him but he still unfollows me. I wonder why

    • He hasn't gotten to it yet... Or he isn't ready toO. I would just worry about your life. What is meant to be will be

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