Guys, Should I break up with him?

8 months ago I met the perfect man, he made me fall for him and before I knew it I was in love. I've never ever been in love, this is my first time. After a month I got pregnant. We actually planned it. But when he found out I was pregnant he changed. He was still sweet to me and supportive but then he turned into lucifer! Everyday he would verbally abuse me. He broke up with me like 20 times, cheated on me 4 times with his ex. Apparently he still loved her and I was the rebound. After I finally blocked her on his phone he forgot about her and we moved forward. He was nicer to me, even promised to get me an engagement ring and buy me a car. We talked about moving in during the summer so we can raise our baby together. Last night I had a panic attack. It felt like I was having a heart attack on top of that I couldn't breath. I almost fainted, felt on the floor, and started puking. My stomach started hurting so bad I thought I was having a miscarriage. He got very scared and started being nicer. A day ago he started college again. He moved back to his dorm and I've been panicking because his ex goes to the same college. He cheated on me in his dorm and I'm scared he would do it again. When I ask him what he's doing he tells me he's busy. When I ask for an explanation he gets mad at me and makes me feel like shit. When I call him he won't answer. He would call me back several hours later. When I talk about my feelings he tells me I'm being dramatic. All I want is an explanation. Why can't he tell me what he was doing? It makes me think he's cheating again. I serious can't take the anxiety anymore. One of these days in gonna end up in the hospital bc of him. I love him but he's sketchy. Should I break up with him or should I keep trying for the baby?


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  • Your first mistake was thinking he was perfect, no such thing. Second mistake was getting pregnant. Third mistake is staying in this dead end hell thinking it'll change

  • Yes you should break up with him - and if you dont, seek help