Weird situation with my ex?

Sorry for the long explanation... please read through it :)

I broke up with my boyfriend of about 6 months a few weeks ago, and he spent a couple weeks trying to get back together with me, but I finally told him last week that I wanted him to stop trying to get back together, it's over, etc...

He had been trying to plan something for valentine's day to get back together and had contacted a friend of mine to try to get her help in planning it, but after I talked to him he didn't go through with that plan. I knew he had been talking to her and I told him... in a joking way... that I might have to kill him if he hit on her.

So, two days after he decided to finally stop he asked out the friend he had been talking to, and insisted to her and to me that it wasn't an attempt to make me jealous. She came to me asking permission to date him essentially and I asked him what the deal was, and in a nutshell they're both being complete idiots about it. She texted me last night apologizing and said she wasn't going to do anything with him, but it was just a little weird.

I'm really annoyed on so many levels about this--that I dated this jerk, that my friend actually wanted to date him, that he didn't admit there was anything wrong with what he had done...

I just don't know how to deal with the situation, I'm incredibly frustrated, and I almost feel like I don't have a right to be? I don't know... help?


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  • Well you two are no longer together. Do you really think you should be mad at your friend for dating him? They may be a better match than you two were. I was dating a girl for awhile and we broke up. My best friend was talking to her later and asked me if I minded if they dated and said no. They have now been together 5 years and are engaged. Do you think it is right of you to deny your friend, even if she isn't that great of one, a chance find a great guy for her?

    • It just bothers me that he asked her out two days after deciding to give it up with me. He's the kind of guy who flirts with tons of girls, so I feel like he's probably just trying to use her. She decided she didn't want to go out with him anyway, but it still bothers me that she considered it, especially after I had talked to her fairly frequently about what a jerk he was to me while we were dating... I don't know, it's hard for me to see another side of the situation.

    • Then you should have let her do it, get used, and say "I told you so!"

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  • you should find some REAL friends.

    only the truth

    • Yeah... hah, quite honestly she's been a pretty terrible friend but we play together in some music groups so I kind of have to learn to put up with her...this is kind of the last straw though.

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  • You say that you are over your ex boyfriend yet you are upset over the fact that your friend now wants to date him? If you are truly over and done with the past you shouldn't be jealous over something like this. Leave them alone and just be glad that you do not have to deal with drama from the both of them.

    • I'm really not jealous, I just don't understand why either of them would do something like that, and I can't avoid them because they're both in a music group I play in...I have to figure out how to deal with it constructively since I have to see them both on a regular basis.