Why is my ex following and unfollowing?

So my ex girlfriend has unfollowed me and started following me again for the 3rd time. She seems to get mad at photos I post of having a good time. And u follows for a month. 3 days ago she started following me again... I decided not to follow back.

We we dated for 2 years and she wanted to break up to have time to focus on herself and live her life. We said we would remain friends. I have not talked to her much. Why does she follow me just to unfollow again. My Instagram isn't private either so she can see my stuff.


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  • Maybe she just dislikes seeing photos of you being able to move on from her (having a good time) so it's just making her mood shift. If there are girls on your account that say certain things to you, she could of come across stuff like that, that she didn't like. In other words, it just makes her unfollow you then when she's over it she follows you again and so on and so

    • Yeah probably. I still like this girl and want to try. It's kind of confusing. I am not gonna go out my way to contact her first though. And I don't want to follow her because I'm not sure if she has pictures with another dude. Not sure if she dating.

    • Yeah I can see.. but if one of you guys don't end up making the first move, you guys will never know..

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