Girls, is there any hope of me winning back the girl of my dreams? If so, how the heck do I go about it?

We shared an incredible summer together and both fell madly in love. However, the distance brought up several issues. She became extremely jealous, despite the fact she slept with her ex the night she had gone back home (later called her out on it and she was in tears. We had no definite commitment at the time though). Long story short, I didn't give her as much attention as she wanted and when I visited her last she broke things off with me. Her reasoning was that she ran into her ex again (two days before I visited, she said she didn't sleep with him though) and she realized she wanted something serious so she could have the chance to have children. I took it really well at first; was understanding and we even made out after. The rest of the stay was very rocky though. She felt like I was bitter and I felt she wasn't giving me enough attention and it snowballed. The last day, I said some really mean things to her which left her in tears. We didn't talk for a while after I left, and when we finally did I made a ton of mistakes (sending her gifts, asking for closure, I even served as emotional support when she told me she got back with her ex after I left and he wound up mistreating her again). We got on good terms again, but I was clearly friend zoned. When I asked to visit her again, she said she still needed to heal, so I said we should take some time off from talking so you can do that. She texted me once since then, but we pretty much haven't spoken in a month. At first I thought screw the girl, she's emotionally unstable, desperate and didn't show much care for my feelings. I made my mistakes too though, and when I look back we didn't have a single flaw until the distance. We're right for each other on so many levels. I think she knows this too. She was obsessed with me for a stretch of time after all. Anyways, I'm looking for tips on how to approach this and regain attraction (other than move on). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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