Dont understand my ex girlfriends behavior?

my ex after a year of being split up says the hatred she has for me is unreal, rubs her new boyfriend in my face and has told me she never loved me we had a really bad break up but after all this time thought she might want to be civil just dont understand why she still holds all this hate towards me.

Any more thoughts a lot of feelings i thought i lost came back when i seen her


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  • Hmm what did you do to her?

    • her ex turned up for clothes when i was at work my friend told me so i flipped and called her some of the most horrible names and came across aggressive it turns out he did only go for clothes so i jumped the gun and it really hurt her the things i said she said i musnt trust her and that i musnt love her the names called her but she involved my mother in her life well after that saying she still had feelings and that if we stopped arguin we could be together so i left it and never spoke to her for a month next thig you no she has new partner she is still with him after a year i just dont understand after a year why she has o make a scene in public then sends me message 4 days later saying how much she hates me and how much i hurt her i dont no why she is behaving like this. ps i am not proud of myself for calling a women names she didn't tell me her ex had been so i thought something bad was going on.

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    • i thought after all this time she might of calmed down to hold strong feelings of hate for someone after a year is a bit strange i think.

    • is it possible she still has feelings do you think or is it just hate.

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  • If she hates you so feverishly, why does she communicate with you at all. That is a major disconnect. And if she truly hates you so absolutely, why do you allow her to communicate with you?

    It sounds like neither of you is being honest with yourself or with each other.

    • she actually shouted at me on a night out we i bumped into her in a local bar she then sent me a message saying that she was sorry and that i really hurt her when we were breaking up and that the hatred she has for me is unreal i couldnt really avoid her one second in bar i turned around and she was there with her friends.

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    • She still has feelings, Simple answer.

    • than you for commenting a few people have said that but she seems really happy with her boyfriend and been with him for a year.