How to look more attractive and become a better version after a break up?

What can you do? ETC to Improve yourself, your confidence, and mentality


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  • Excercise, read, educate on things you want in a man. Think of things you don't want. Make a pro con list maybe? Buy new clothes. Look in the mirror and say. DAMN girl you sexy as hell


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  • Read a good book that gives you a new way of thinking. "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz is a good one that comes to mind. (Worth reading no matter what the situation, but could probably work real well after a breakup too)

    Also, exercise... will get the endorphins going to make you happier, and you'll get into better shape which will make you more confident and physically attractive.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I read a book by DOn MIguel Ruiz after but I don't think it is "The Four Agreements." Yes I do exercise. But what if I already am fit? I do have low self esteem

    • Nice! Yeah, he's got a few books... Mastery of Love is another good one to put on your list as well.

      If you already have an exercise routine, what about taking it to a new level or trying something different? i. e. if you go to the gym for 30 minutes after classes in the afternoon, maybe add a 30 minute run before school in the morning, or take a class in a different type of workout/exercise? Something to mix your routine up a bit.

      You could also try a new haircut or hair color to further signify the beginning of a new chapter in life...

    • Yes i read the Mastery of Love. It was a great book! I will probably do that once I start school

  • First you move on, then you keep taking care of yourself, work to have a nice body and be sure to be happy with yourself mentally as well. Then you're ready!

    • Yes I think I need to work on moving on and being happy mentally. Because I do have a nice body already but I don't feel that great about myself

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    • I will keep that in mind now

    • Good luck ;)

  • Start lifting. Oh wait... if your a girl I guess dress better and treat the breakup more like a learning opp then a failure? Basically brush it off and know that you are stronger and wiser after.


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