Has anyone ever done anything crazy to an ex and eventually ended up with them again?

I blew up my ex's phone a lotttttt, even with 2 diff numbers after being blocked. I wanna see if anyone has a worse story than me and still got their ex back lol, don't worry I layed off already.


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  • I got a crazy plan in motion currently. Goal is to become irresistible. She studies conservation. So I travelled to Africa and did volunteering on a nature reserve (lived her dream for a few weeks), motor bike licence (adds adventure), gym body (aesthetics), learnt to cook amazing meals such as macarons, made a metal candelabra to show off artistic skills. It looks wicked, finished my apprenticeship (job security) and very well off financially, got alpacas and a baby one. They're adorable. Better then puppies. Dancing lessons to increase confidence around woman. A bunch of other things to.

    Plan is make copper roses send to her house. Come valentines day she'll open them. Reading the note inside ring me. We chat. I tell her I'm a better man and want to try again. If so drive a few hours to hers, pick her up, go out for dinner somewhere spectacular, make passionate love under the stars, back to hers, wake up and go horse riding. Before flying off to work.


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