How to get over an ex who emotionally cheated on you and isn't worth it?

He claims he never cheated on me. Said girl who was talking to him just wanted guy friends. After break up find out his friend and him are hanging out with girl and her friends. I still don't believe him at all. And perhaps if i am wrong, it still is his fault because of his actions. It just hurts either way. I have unanswered questions and I don't want to live my entire life feeling as if in my first relatinship i was cheated on (emotionally). Our relationship became toxic because i accused him and lost trust in him, but i did because of the way he acted. Either way, I really want to feel better and move on.


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  • You are overly jealous and you can't limit your partner from speaking to the opposite gender

    • Maybe i am but i was never that way. His actions made me doubt him. What a coincidence that the girl he told me not to worry about is the girl he spends every day of the weekend with along with his friend

    • Sounds like they are all hanging out and are having a great time being friends. To bad you have no trust in your partner

    • You see I would have trusted him if he would of told me from the start but i had he kept things from me until i came across a message on his phone from here which i did not read. I know how the girl is, she is deemed a slut. A relationship breaker. WHat am i suppose to think, he started acting weird and i felt it.

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