Girls, What's the best thing to do when you get ghosted by someone?

I met this girl around a month ago. Everything was going fairly well, we would text back and forth every day, talk about almost anything, after the second date she expressed interest going on a third date which we eventually went on (the first time I've made it past a second date). The third date even ended with a kiss (which she hinted at). But the next day I texted her, and she never responded at all, and I've noticed that she's deleted me off Snapchat. I haven't tried to contact her any more times

I sort of got the vibe that it was going to happen in the couple of days leading up to our third date (i. e. she was texting less frequently), but when we were on the third date she didn't seem like she was uninterested at all. If this was her intention all along, I don't see any good reason why she would waste my time just to disappear on me like that.

I'm ready to move on, but honestly I really feel like calling her out on it. I don't really have much to lose from it, if she's not interested then that's completely fine with me but at least have the common courtesy to say so. I actually liked this girl quite a bit, I thought she was a good girl, and I'm kind of offended that she would just build me up like that. It probably won't solve much, but for once in my life I feel like I really need to stand up for my feelings.

On the other hand I feel like calling her out would just be a waste of my breath. I have better things to do than get angry about this. I'll meet another girl sooner or later, I always do, and meeting another person and just forgetting her seems like a much more pragmatic decision

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  • Well then why are you bitching on here. I hate it when guys just sit there and don't say anything at all. Then when the girl DOES say something or reaches out, they get straight up ignored! You either talk to her or you don't. Don't sit there and be like "I'll meet another girl sooner or later, I always do" bs. If you are this angry now, you still like her!

    • Of course I still like her, but if she doesn't feel the same then it's a waste of time to keep bothering no?

    • Whatever you say