What can I do to get her back?

I want to have my ex girlfriend back. It's been almost a year since I broke up with her. Our 6 year relationship is just too much to do without. What are some ideas or suggestions I can do?

I hear she is dating again. I know it is wrong to intervene, but I want to get her back.

Our relationship was one where others were envious of. Then I broke up with her because I had interest in someone else. For the first two months my ex made all the effort in the world to pull me back to her, but I was already gone. I humiliated her.
Help... I really want her back. what are some things I can do to at least try. I don't care if I have to humiliate myself.


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  • You left her for someone else after 6 years, you humiliated her and it took you a year to realize that?!

    Now that she is over it and dating someone else, you want her back! because you thought oneday when I get bored of exploring I will go back to her she will be waiting for me, newsflash she is moving on, you re taking here for granted and this is extremely selfish and immature.

    she tried for two months to get you back but you didn't appreciate that and you walked all over her.

    So before you actually act on it and want her back, ask yourself;

    Does she deserve someone better who might treat her better than you ever did?

    Is she the one and only or will you go back exploring later?

    Do you want to be with her because you love her or just because she is dating someone else?

    Are you willing to really Humiliate yourself, like you did to her and apologize from the bottom of your heart?

    Are you willing to give her time and do whatever it takes to get her back?

    Are you the one for Her?

    Is this really worth it?

    Think about those things for a while and if all the answers are Yes, then you know what to do.

    • I have thought about all the things you have mentioned. I am willing to face humility. We always want the best for the person we love and though I feel that she and I are great partners, I would not stop her if she had a better man. I want to be with her because I love her and we grew together. I am willing to wait and give patience for her to recover.

      She cheated on me twice in the past and I accepted and forgave her. My exploring has ended and I want to settle with her.

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    • I wouldn't be in her shoes because I don't cheat. And if I got dumped for someone else I would feel betrayed.

    • Im a guy and I agree 100 percent with this lady.

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  • talk to her. get her to meet you. perhaps at a really nice fancy restaurant, bring some beautiful flowers, think of what it is that you two need to work out. that is a good start. but really think about what made the relationship go wrong and then suggests ways to solve it. if you need to write it out, then do it. good luck . these are just suggestions.

  • DONT GET BACK WITH HER IF YOU SEE THERES EVEN THE SLIGHTEST CHANCE YOU COULD BREAK UP AGAIN! I went through that and that's the worst thing I've ever felt.. he'd always say baby I'm sorry I love you and two or three weeks later it'd be the same answer for the break up.. we're getting rocky again.. so just make sure you can see yourself with this girl for the rest of your life before you make a final decision..

  • i feel you can help me with my situation... but sometimes we need to step away from a situation to see its worth... the fact that you were able to leave so easily the way you did may be the determining factor in a reconciliation. leaving her for someone else is terrible and there will be a horrible trust issue you will have to put up with from her. if you decide you can deal with that you first step is to reach out and try to rekindle your friendship with her so she isn't so on the fence about you... as I would be. do nice things for her, show her she is still important, and when you think the time is right apologize for everything you put her through. she may or may not forgive you, but that's up to her... whether she does or not show her you are still willing to be there for her... and hopefully she may find her way back to you... if not... you have to live with the decision you made

  • if you love hert

    Then ur all for it

    do whatever it takes

    u humiliated her

    now do it to yourself .

    Tell her you love her

    buy/make her cute things

    be by her side at all times

  • To be honest if its been almost a year and this is how long it took you to realize that you still want her, don't expect her to come running back.

    You say you dumped her and now she is dating someone. Well, you need to give us more information. You dropped her, but why? How long has she been dating this guy? Have you two spoken since then? if so, how often? Would you say you two are on friendly terms?

    There are sooooo many things that factor in with getting back with an ex. How much are you willing to share with us? If you are not willing to share the info. your attempt has to be in a way that will not affect "him" so much because she might care about him, so to bring drama in her new relationship might kill it for you completely...

  • If you love her will all you heart you need to do what ever it takes for her to com back to you. But don't go out with her and then brake p with her and then go back out that's not there right think to do if you love her and would do everything and anything to get her back go for it and get her. If you want her back go and go her don't let people or things get in your way. All if far in love and war. If you want her back then do something that would just be so nice sweet helpful and everything you can think of you got to do what ever you can for love you can not let love slip away you need to get her back if you love her that much don't let her get away.

  • Tell her that you still loves her.


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