Feeling sick after she cheated on me?

The thought has really started to kick in now.

All that time I took to trying to get to know her emotionally, trying to good to her, to be there for her, thinking she would help me grow as a person etc etc etc, and all that time she was flirting, texting a co-worker & meeting up on her days off work or after work etc.

Arrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh I feel used & humilated.


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  • Im so sorry this happened to you, please don't think we are all the same though. Hugs xxx


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  • And you're still with her currently because... why?

    • No I'm not. I told her never to contact me again. Even as friends

    • Oh good.

      Start exercising (endorphins) and buy ice cream... counter productive, yes, but ice cream heals all wounds.

    • Will do lol. Thank you

  • you choose the wrong chick. i'd make you feel better ;)

    • Oh confident ain't ya?

    • Actually yeah, prove ure better than my ex lol

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  • You have to put yourself together and move on, it is one those things in life. The most important is the lesson this has offered you. Be strong.

  • what a bitch, move on and forget about her

  • Were you in a relationship with her, alright? I ask because it does sound a bit like the typical complaint about the *friendzone*.

    If you two were not in a relationship:

    You have nothing to complain about. It does suck a lot when you are in the *friendzone* (meaning you two are friends, but you liked her and she didn't like you), but there is nothing to be done about it. And in this case you definitely CAN'T say she cheated on you.

    But if you were in a relationship with her:

    Yeah, well... I'm sure I don't win sympathy points for saying this, but being naive and trusting too much in people is a bad strategy. Some people might be lucky enough to get away with it and not getting walked over, but, usually what happens is precisely this. I do think a certain dose of cynicism and skepticism about people are necesary to not getting kicked in the ass by life time and again.

    The endpoint is, life is not fair and sometimes sucks, badly.