Girls, My ex and I dated for four years been broken up for one year so far. Long story short things ended badly she was cheating and all that?

She has a boyfriend and now I'm talking to someone and its getting a little serious and unfortunately I work with my ex so now she's become more clingy I guess I would say bring up the past about us the good parts then saying things like I care for her but only as a friend but anyway she's obviously not happy with her boyfriend or whatever the case may be last night she text me a picture of us kissing and captioned it "looking through my old pics and saw this :/ " so I don't know what to think is it cuz she realizes that I'm actually moving on? Should I be mean or talk to her and try to tell her the situation?


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  • I think you should be honest with her.
    Tell her that you have moved on.
    If you do not, she will unknowingly try to jeopardize what you are building.

    She came to the realization too late that she loves you.
    This will be a mistake she has to live with for the rest of her lives.
    Hopefully, she uses this knowledge as a building block to not mess up things that are going well, in her future relationships.

    Feelings have a way of changing over time.
    She'll eventually get over you.

    I think you should respect the girl you are building things with, and let your ex know that you are involved with someone else.
    I wish you the best in your new relationship <3


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  • Well she cheated on you, and sounds like more then once... tell her she missed out, sorry, not sorry. You cheat yourself when you cheat on someone else. next!

  • I think you should ignore her, you have a chance to be happy with someone else. You don't owe her anything :-)

  • Well if your really serious about this girl that your talking to then you have to tell your ex that you have moved on and that your not interested and that the past is the past and if she's not doing so well in her relationship now then she should get a new boyfriend not you but someone new

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