Guys, Tinder mishap after a long break up?

So, I was in a up and down rocky relationship for 4 years. But we seemed to make it back together.
And one more time we were talking and seeing each other again when she came over for the night;
During her visit we stopped by her sisters to see the 5 yr old nephew. The sister and friend were teasing the EX about friends with benefits and our relationship.

And I had a viedo of all of her family together dancing and singing one night, I showed ot to the sister then to the friend. During the friend viewing the viedo a message from TINDER came through. OPPS. the friend said why are you getting messages from tinder i played it off. No more was said.
The following week I called the ex and she was upset ask why I was calling her. End of story more drama. I wasn't on tinder while with her and certainly was hiding it from anybody.

One more time we didn't talk during the holidays. Then a randon text from the EX would pop up in places we visited all the time. Then she called about a dream she had about me.
So I call and tried to talk with he then tried to make plans. I felt it was a one way street.
So I called to make plans and left a message she called the next moring and her doughter was in the background and said the reason she didn't answer your call because she was at her boyfriends. The EX chuckled and we moved on to another conversation.
Do you think the daughter was kidding or letting me know she was dating?
I blocked the daughters phone number and the EXs number.


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  • Hmmmm either way I think its over, whether she has a boyfriend or not, I think she's done


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