Guys, Help!!! Why is he acting like this?

My ex will act so into me like he likes me when we're together. He hugs, kisses me, cuddles with me and holds my hand like with our fingers intertwining, sometimes he initiates it. We talk about most of the thingd we did when we were in a relationship. He act's just like we did when we were a couple so I'm thinking we're going to get back to.
However, when we're not together he doesn't give me the time of day like sometimes ignores my texts or just doesn't text me.
For the past two weeks he's been mia but yet has no problem telling me why he's busy when I ask.

What is going on here? Opinions please?

Guys help please!!!
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  • Yeah, stop smothering him. The world doesn't revolve around you.

    • I'm not smothering him. I only see him once a week if so

    • Take a look at your phone, how many texts do you have stacked one on top of the others? How much longer are your texts compared to his? How many times do you call him everyday? How often do you look at his facebook/twitter/Lifeinvader pages? This is the age of mass communication, cupcake, there are plenty of ways to smother someone without being around them.

    • I don't call him at all. I don't even text him a lot during the week. I don't look at his pages much and what is life invaders?
      Oh and it's not my fault if he only answers me with a one word answer.

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  • Maybe he's just confused rn

    • Why do you think that?

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