Slooting after having a baby?

My best friend's long term girlfriend just had a baby about a year ago? (2014)

I was googling some things and saw an entry on a message-board that looked suspiciously like her old handle.

She was like talking about her regrets, how sad she is and how she misses some guy that took her to Paris or something.

My friend has never taken her to Europe... but I know she was involved with a guy before him that did.

Should I dime her out to my friend?

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wow women are like... look the other way thats rough!


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  • You don't know for sure if it's even her.

    • not 100% but pretty damn close, still watching... suspicious

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    • of course - but if its a slam dunk then - i should tell him huh?

    • Oh definitely. If you find out for a fact that it's her on there then definitely let your homeboy know. If not for anything else, for the family to that he may think things are all peachy but in reality she's not happy.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Make sure you're right beforehand.

    • it was her first name and the handle from years ago - she didn't realize it was public i guess
      im like 98% sure

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    • seems pretty slooty - talking about her regrets and shit after having a baby with my best friend huh?

    • Exactly and that is shit he should know about so he can work with her to fix it for the sake of the kid.

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  • I don't know, for the sake of a friend, I'd probably hint at it, and tell the guy to make sure before anything goes down

    • he thinks he scored the woman of his dreams. i remember she wouldn't give him the time of day. She was all into guys with looks and money and travellers. She fell out with that crowd and is now lucky to have him. I think its wrong she is reminiscing about her golden years with other guys while she is with his baby.

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    • Have you talked to him?

    • not yet!

  • Depends on when she posted those things and such, if they've been together for a while and it could've just potentially have been her past then let it go. If thats your only reasoning let it go because it may have bene nothing.

    • past - shmast, thats my friend - wouldn't you want to know if the guy you are living with is secretly thinking about another woman? Probably trying to get back with her? In the apartment you are paying for, while he drives your car around?

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    • Maybe she is taking advantage of that.

    • i dont think she realized that it was going to be posted in public or that anybody looking would be able to link her with that stupid SN she used to use

What Guys Said 3

  • Put yourself in his shoes. If your ex was acting suspocious, wouldn't you want your bro to give you a heads up? I mean tell him it might be nothing, but you thought he should know this.

    • that fool is going to be broke, dead end job... paying for child support in a few years.. while she is with a new guy... wondering why he gave up his future for some sloot

    • Tell him to get a damn good lawyer and start collecting evidence now. The child court systems are 100% sexist against men, does she have a drug problem or anything like that? Does she have a record? He needs to find something big like that otherwise the sexist/feminist court will fuck him over big time. The only thing he can do is get a lawyer and hope he can keep the damage minimal.

      He didn't realize that she was a slut, most men never do until its too late. Then the courts take over, give the woman everything while she continues to go out and hurt men.

  • I would cause trouble unless you can prove that it was her without a shadow of a doubt. You dont want to be the cause of problemd in a friends relationship.

    FACE IT LADIES you will settle for second best if #1 guy isn't available for some reason and that leaves us guys thinking everything is peachy and it's not. Inside you keep thinking about him and if he comes around and wants you.. you're gone. I don't blame you 2nd best is better than being alone but don't pretend like it doesn't happen.

  • I'd continue surveillance on that handle. You need more evidence than that. Build up a nice stockpile, then strike. :P

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