So common "I really miss and love my exboyfriend" story, but I really need advice?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 10 months that I'm extremely in love with. I only broke up with him because my mom told me to because she said my ex reminded her of her own ex. My ex and I were best friends before we got together, so being out of each other's lives after the break up was brutal for us both. We were long distance so I never really got to see him except once. He was my first and only bck n May 2015. He's 32 , lives with his retired widowed mother and works for Comcast. I'm a 3rd semester college student, 23 and live with my dad. On the third day of our breakup, my ex contacted me, asking "if we could still be friends and if we could get back together, that would be great too. But if not, it would be really great to be your friend. Please ma'am accept my request." Now we're back to being friends, but everything is different now. He even started giving me so much attention that I was craving. He even asked if I e. joyed his constant contact with me. I told him yes, even though I was really busy with school starting back up last week. I really want him back but I'm afraid he may not love me anymore because I haven't heard from him volunteringly since the 22nd of this month. Though I did text him on Saturday bck n forth. But he seemed distant. I don't know what to do.


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  • Peoples First love is mostly true love, the fact that broke up with him because Your mom told you to because she said your ex reminded her of her own ex is really your own choice, but nerveless it might not be a bad or a good thing.

    Now that your friends but it seems with the constant contact he still wants to be together with you despite him saying that he just wants to be friends from the part "his constant contact with me"

    Also when he did not hear from him 22nd of this month it may be because he has lost interest in trying to get you or found someone else to talk to and may other things that i cannot think of

    • I really want him back, but since we're long distance, there's no telling when we'll see each other again. Before I broke up with him, I told him if there was a way for us to be together I'd find it. He told me not to stress about it. Plus he never bought me gifts. Though I've bought him one. And he never just checks in on me for the heck of it. Though I love and miss him, these are the things I'm considering

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  • You broke up with him because your mum didn't like him, sorry but that was a bad decision. If he treated you well and satisfied you in every other way you could have potentially made a mistake breaking up with him. You can as him about how he feels for you

    • He still cares about me, he said. But I'm just scared to make a mistake by taking him back.