What does it mean if a guy says he isn't happy but still loves you?

If your boyfriend ends the relationship because he says he's not happy anymore and says you're too different and wouldn't mix well long term (we were together for 8 months), what does that mean? He says he still loves me so how was he not happy? He said you need certain nuances to keep a relationship going. He says I'm a great person and I'll make some guy really happy but it won't be him. I'm confused. I was a good girlfriend; we had sex all the time, blowjobs, cooked regularly, helped him with his depression, etc. He'd call me a great girlfriend so..

People have told me he couldn't have stilled loved me AND have been unhappy. Is that true?


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  • I think he felt depressed and it caused him to fell less connected with you. So really it wasn't anything that you did, but he is dealing with his own problems. He did say that you two are different and even though he had strong feelings for you, he felt it wouldn't work.


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