Why is my ex boyfriend so cold to me?

My boyfriend of 8 months broke up with me 3 weeks ago. He hasn't initiated contact ever since he broke up with me. We've been fighting often which led to him losing his feelings for me. He was really caring for the first day but became cold afterwards... Today, he fell sick and i messaged him out of concern. This is how it went:

Me: Get well soon :)
Him: Thanks
Me: Are you okay? :(
Him: Yea

Why is he being so cold to me when he's not even the one hurt? I miss him and I want him back so badly. I tried moving on but i can't... What should i do?


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  • Move on. He's your EX. If he was interested in getting back together he wouldn't be so "cold".
    Stop all contact with him. If he tries to contact you and you want to get back together with him, then fine. Otherwise, let him detach, and you do the same.

  • He's over you and already moved on. I wouldn't say he's being cold he's just not going to lead you and make you think he wants a relationship. You have to move on yourself otherwise you'll be stuck feeling like shit.


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